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Martha Trowbridge Radio, LLC programming reflecting orthodox Christian perspective.

Reclaiming Feminism with Women’s Movement Insider Sue Ellen Browder spotlights her whistle-blowing new book, Subverted: How I Helped The Sexual Revolution Hijack The Women’s Movement. The miseries women have suffered since the onset of the 1960’s ‘Sexual Revolution’ are incalcuable. Why? Nested within the lure of ‘equal rights’ for women lay an occult agenda to strip from women their sexual sanctity, feminine dignity, and innate sense of virtue. Falsely promised ‘freedom’, we women were callously manipulated into living sinful, self-destructive lives. The relational, emotional, mental, and spiritual price we’ve paid is staggering.  This show is a must for women who seek healing.

Catholic Sis: Helping Youth Find Their Way Through Faith with Anela Nicholson is sheer inspiration for all those suffering, and suffering along with, troubled teens and young adults. Tune in to see how one young lady’s online ministry is saving souls, one at a time.

Angels Of God with Mike Aquilina, author of Angels Of God: The Bible, The Church And The Heavenly Hosts. In this lovely show, Mike presents sound theological evidence for the reality of Angels, for their nature, and for their heavenly roles, and teaches us how to converse — and work — with Angels.

Complicated Grief From Motherhood Interrupted with women’s grief counselor Jane Brennan. Jane reveals how years of grief can follow an abortion — without a woman realizing why she is grieving.

Prayers, Angels, Answers with New York Times bestselling author Joan Wester Anderson. If prayer is on your mind, answers are enroute — watch for heavenly messengers! Be comforted, delighted and inspired by Joan as she shares stories of divine assistance for women in need.