Mike Aquilina: Angels Of God


If ever an uplifting image exists, it’s an Angel. Heavenly, pure, kind, generous, helpful, sweet, consoling, and protective are some of the qualities we ascribe to Angels. But as today’s Guest Expert, Mike Aquilina shares with us, Angels are so much more! For starters, dear listener, know this: “Angels are everywhere!” In his splendid new book, Angels Of God: The Bible, The Church And The Heavenly Hosts, not only does Mike Aquilina present sound theological evidence for the reality of Angels, for their nature, and for their heavenly roles, he teaches us how to converse — and work — with Angels.

Mike Aquilina is author of more than 20 books, including Angels of God. Executive Vice-President of the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, he has co-hosted eight series on the Eternal Word Television Network, and is past editor of New Covenant: A Magazine of Catholic Spirituality. Blessed with six children, Mike is married to Terri, whom he acknowledges in Angels Of God with this inscription: “for Terri, who inspires whatever good I do.”   To learn more about Mike Aquilina, please visit his website, www.mikeaquilina.com. To read his blog, please visit www.FathersOfTheChurch.com.