Reclaiming Feminism with Sue Ellen Browder


The miseries women have suffered since the onset of the 1960’s ‘Sexual Revolution’ are incalcuable. Why? Nested within the lure of ‘equal rights’ for women lay an occult agenda to strip from women their sexual sanctity, feminine dignity, and innate sense of virtue. Falsely promised ‘freedom’, we women were callously manipulated into living sinful, self-destructive lives. The relational, emotional, mental, and spiritual price we’ve paid is staggering.

Join Martha Trowbridge as she chats with Women’s Movement Insider Sue Ellen Browder about her new book, SUBVERTED: How I Helped The Sexual Revolution Hijack The Women’s Movement.

The Sexual Revolution was truly demonic: conceptualized and birthed in deceit, reared on lies, outfitted in seduction, urgently, it compelled us to actively participate in its degradation of our authentic feminity, smashing of wholesome traditional family values, destruction of gender roles, and, unthinkably: its popularizing of consentual murder of our babies, within our own wombs.

Epidemic depression, ptsd, high anxiety, worthlessness, betrayal, hatred, cynicism, hardness of heart, retaliatory behavior, crankiness, impatience, recklessness, nightmares, addictions, eating disorders, rage, vulgarity, immodesty, desecration, weaponizing of our sexuality, denial of our deep hurts, rejection of sound social constructs, confusion, chaos, family breakdown, false independence, erosion of authentic masculinity – all these and more typically originate in learned behavior, evoked by wicked mass deceit foisted upon women half a century ago.

Join [repentant] feminist movement insider Sue Ellen Browder as she chats with Martha Trowbridge about how the so-called Sexual Revolution hijacked the authentic Women’s Movement; and how each of us can reclaim feminism as it was originally intended.


Ignatius Press, 2015