Magnificent Movies

Reconnecting Women With Enduring Feminine Needs

A study group of classic American films, principally from the 1930’s and 1940’s, to reconnect women with enduring feminine needs and their appropriate satisfaction.

Delivered via e-radio broadcast and teleseminar, the program offers study guides, and the opportunity to submit questions for discussion by Host Martha Trowbridge and her Guest Experts in psychology. Other Guests include Actresses, Actors, Directors, Producers, Film Historians and Screenwriters.

Topics: romance, integrity, moral decision-making, marriage, child-rearing, enduring values, character, goodness, story-telling, dramatic technique, positive conflict resolution, affect regulation, self-respect, dignity, honor, life-story, femininity, gentlemanly behavior, manners, decency, etiquette, responsibility, social conscience, contribution, life-purpose, social standing, reputation


Wondrous, uplifting, wholesome, and utterly inspirational Christmas Movies. Movies for every woman to treasure.