The Crazy-Making Husband Radio Show

Validation, Inspiration And Expert Advice For Wives

THE CRAZY-MAKING HUSBAND is any husband who makes his wife feel her [and her children’s] legitimate needs, wishes and dreams are not only invalid, they are foolish, and deserving of his ridicule, criticism, negation and/or contempt. This includes her legitimate need to be valued, respected, cherished, genuinely loved and protected. It includes her entitlement to a posture of respectability in her professional and social surroundings. It also includes her and her children’s need to be financially secure. Professional women, in addition, have the pressing and critical need to be free to achieve, without undermining by their husbands.

The Crazy-Making Husband’s chronic emotional, verbal and psychological abuse eventuates into Spirit, mind and body deterioration in his wife. The core principle of this radio show is to enlighten every wife that her husband’s crazy-making harms not just her mind — it harms her Spirit, and her body — compromising her immune system functioning, dangerously elevating harmful negative affect, perpetuating elevated stress hormones, and interfering with her body’s innate healing mechanisms, all of which endanger her health.

Each radio show is crafted to help wives identify the behavior of THE CRAZY-MAKING HUSBAND, connect their painful symptoms to their husband’s crazy-making, and commence healthy reconstruction of their lives. By validating distress, supporting the fulfillment of legitimate marital needs, visioning happy, healthy marriages, and providing concrete tips on emerging from the snares of marital crazy-making, Host Martha Trowbridge and her guest experts inspire wives to wholeheartedly commit to dignified, peaceful, happy, satisfying, sane lives.


There, But Not There: Your Emotionally Unavailable Husband — Can You Ever Reach Him? with Dr. Stan Tatkin, Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Family Medicine, University of California at Los Angeles, David Geffen School of Medicine and co-author, Love And War In Intimate Relationships.

Love’s Mirage: Is Your Narcissistic Husband Wasting Your Life? with Guest Expert Licensed Clinical Social Worker and columnist Steve Becker.

It’s [Not] All In Your Mind, Dear: When Your Crazy-Making Husband Is A Narcissist with Guest Expert Licensed Clinical Social Worker and columnist Steve Becker.

Achieving Happiness For You And Your Daughter, Despite Life With The Crazy-Making Husband with Positive Psychologist For Women Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, creator of The Enchanted Self.  First in a series on enhancing mother-daughter relational dynamics.