The Martha Trowbridge Radio Hour

Soothing Inspiration For Suffering Women

Today’s women endure unprecedented stressors. An alarming percentage have experienced relational or random violence; an equally alarming percentage continue to suffer the ravages of childhood emotional, mental and/or sexual abuse. Adding to their anguish, many mothers have children in serious trouble. And the pain is not confined to suffering women. Happy women feel it as well, when they have close personal connections with troubled, depressed, traumatized, or grief-stricken women. Frame this within a cultural context of unbridled entitlement, whole-scale lack of respect, rejection of personal accountability, inappropriate male demand for sexual relations, socially accepted rage responses to little provocation, ‘normalized’ daily violence, the dissolution of a sense of safety anywhere, disappearing recreational / replenishment time, overall overwhelm, and degradation of classic moral values, and what emerges is an epidemic of women in emotional and mental crisis.

The Martha Trowbridge Radio Hour has as its mission the alleviation of emotional and mental suffering in women via empathic, validating, inspirational, informative programming. Emanating from Martha’s core premise that depression and post-traumatic stress disorder are legitimate, logical responses by a woman’s Spirit to overwhelming stressors, Martha and her Guest Experts help the suffering woman commence solid reconstruction of what Martha terms her ‘Sacred Inner Universe’, securely placing her upon her path to glorious rebirth.

Topics: depression, trauma, PTSD, emotional agony, mental agony, grief, complicated grief, mental collapse, anguish, anxiety, distress, shame, terror, fear, phobias, guilt, victimization by violence, betrayal, degradation, humiliation, failure, heart-break, loneliness, homelessness, aging-related depression, emptiness, despair


Breaking Trauma’s Grip: The Powerful Treatment Of EMDR with Dr. Francine Shapiro, originator and developer of EMDR Trauma Treatment, the frontline treatment for trauma in numerous international practices. EMDR has been hailed by the American Psychiatric Association, The Department of Veterans Affairs and The Department of Defense, which in 2004 placed EMDR in their “A” category as “strongly recommended” for the treatment of trauma.

Soothing Our Emotional And Mental Agonies: The Mindful Path To Self-Compassion with Dr. Chris Germer, Clinical Instructor in Psychology at Harvard Medical School and a founding member of The Institute For Psychotherapy And Meditation.

The Abuser Within: The Lifelong Effects Of Early Emotional Abuse, And What You Can Do To Stop Maltreating Yourself with Dr. Frank Summers, supervising and training analyst at The Chicago Institute For Psychoanalysis and Associate Professor at Northwestern University Medical School.

The Giving Spirit: Helping Homeless Women And Their Families in Los Angeles with Tom Bagamane, Founder and CEO, The Giving Spirit.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel: When Someone You Love Suffers Depression with Life Coach and Radio Show Host Sallie Felton.

Powerful Woman, Crushed Wife: Spousal Emotional Abuse Of High-Functioning Women with Dr. Joan Lachkar, emotional abuse expert and author of The ‘V’ Spot: Healing Your Innermost Vulnerabilities From Emotional Abuse and The Many Faces Of Abuse: Treating The Emotional Abuse Of High-Functioning Women.

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