Dr. Francine Shapiro: Breaking Trauma’s Grip – The Powerful Treatment Of EMDR



If you have been suffering emotional and mental agonies, it may be that trauma is the root cause. A word with which many of us are familiar in medical contexts, trauma to our minds can occur as well, when harsh negative experiences overwhelm us, and remain ‘outside’ our ability to process them.

As today’s Guest Expert Dr. Francine Shapiro explains, unresolved trauma can significantly interfere with our capacity to function. Weeks, months, and years can pass, in which we barely manage, let alone enjoy our lives. For those of us suffering since our earliest years, rather than being a sequence of increasingly satisfying personal experiences and professional accomplishments, our lives feel like an endless, thorny string of painful interactions and failures.

Women who suffer trauma’s agonies, I am so pleased to bring you glad tidings! Genuine relief is available. EMDR — Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing — is an innovative, highly effective psychotherapy that ‘processes’ your trauma, thereby releasing you from its cruel grip. To this I can personally attest, having experienced the power of EMDR to mitigate my own traumatic sufferings in the aftermath of violence.

Dr. Shapiro’s treatment model, EMDR, has been hailed by the American Psychiatric Association, The Department of Veterans Affairs and The Department of Defense — which in 2004 placed EMDR in their “A” category as “strongly recommended” for the treatment of trauma.

Francine Shapiro, PhD is the originator and developer of EMDR, now the front line treatment for trauma in numerous international practices. A Senior Research Fellow at the Mental Research Institute, Palo Alto, California, Dr. Shapiro is Executive Director of the EMDR Institute, Watsonville, CA, and she is founder and President Emeritus of the EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs, a non-profit organization that coordinates disaster response and pro bono trainings worldwide.

She is a recipient of the City of Vienna’s International Sigmund Freud Award for distinguished contribution to psychotherapy; the American Psychological Association Division 56 Award for Outstanding Contributions to Practice in Trauma Psychology; and the California Psychological Association’s Distinguished Scientific Achievement in Psychology Award.

Dr. Shapiro was designated as one of the “Cadre of Experts” of the American Psychological Association & Canadian Psychological Association Joint Initiative on Ethnopolitical Warfare, and has served as advisor to a wide variety of trauma treatment outreach organizations and journals. An invited speaker at psychology conferences worldwide, she has written and co-authored more than 60 journal articles, chapters, and books about EMDR.

For more information about Dr. Shapiro and her work, or to find a practitioner in your area, please visit the EMDR Institute website at www.emdr.com. For information about the EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs, please visit www.emdrhap.org