Dr. Frank Summers: The Abuser Within – The Lifelong Effects Of Early Emotional Abuse, And What You Can Do To Stop Maltreating Yourself

If depression, dissatisfaction with your life, and overall poor self-regard have haunted you forever, a villain may be embedded within you.  As today’s Guest Expert, Dr. Frank Summers explains, it’s ‘The Abuser Within’, a villain very much alive within you that personifies and perpetuates the abuse you experienced, over and over, as a child and/or girl.

Whether your abuse was emotional and/or mental, whether it was or was not coupled with neglect, whether it was overt or hidden, the grave fact is that as humans we ‘internalize’ what we receive as children — the bad, as well as the good.

As Dr. Summers explains, the effects of abuse may be so subtle we aren’t even aware of their power. Yet, powerful these effects are, and today we’ll explore the current-day adverse impact in your life of early emotional abuse.

Frank Summers Ph.D., ABPP is a supervising and training analyst at the  Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis, an associate professor at Northwestern University Medical School, and a faculty member of several other psychoanalytic institutes.  Winner of several teaching awards, he is the author of three books: Object Relations Theories and Psychopathology: A Comprehensive Text, Transcending the Self, and Self Creation: Psychoanalytic Therapy and the Art of the Possible. Dr. Summers maintains a private practice of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy in Chicago, Illinois.  His website is www.franksummersphd.com and you may reach him at franksumphd@hotmail.com