The Giving Spirit: Helping Homeless Women And Children In Los Angeles


In our culture, some of the most forgotten women are homeless women. Far from the stereotype, many of these wives and mothers have found themselves unexpectedly on the street when financial woes beset them. Forgotten by many, they may be, but not by today’s Guest Expert, Tom Bagamane of The Giving Spirit. In 1999, golden-hearted Tom founded The Giving Spirit to assist the homeless population in Los Angeles. Now in the tenth year of service, The Giving Spirit ministers to 2,500 homeless people. Tom joins us today to share the mission — and the magic — of his wonderful ministry, The Giving Spirit.

Seasoned Executive and Entrepreneur Tom Bagamane brings over 20 years of management experience in the areas of consumer product strategic planning, marketing, brand development, manufacturing, sales management, business development and interactive media. He has launched over 15 consumer brands in major consumer markets around in the world.

Founder and Chairman of The Giving Spirit, a non-profit corporation created to aid the homeless of Los Angeles, one individual at a time, The Giving Spirit has grown from 40 served to 2,500 served. Tom is also Chairman [since 2001] of Brentwood Presbyterian Adult Mexico Work Camp, dedicated to building homes for the poor of Mexico; each year he leads more than 60 adults to build as many as four houses from ground to roof over a three-day weekend for the impoverished of northern Mexico.

Mr. Bagamane holds a Bachelor of Arts in journalism and political science from Virginia Tech University and a Masters of Business Administration from George Mason University and Oxford University. In 2005, he received Virginia Tech University Alumni Association’s Inaugural Humanitarian Award for his work with The Giving Spirit. To contact Tom, donate, volunteer, offer goods, or acquire more information, please visit The Giving Spirit’s website at