Upcoming Titles by Martha Trowbridge

Wings Of God’s Love: Soaring Forever Up And Away From Trauma And Depression 

The shattered woman has lost [or never had] the ability to genuinely love her self. Authentic healing originates in living your life in communion with our Creator, God. This pioneering book offers the shattered, depressed and/or traumatized woman specific measures she can embrace to help her Spirit rise from its ‘ruins’ and commence a soaring trajectory into glorious rebirth. Powerful original metaphors, absorbing exercises, comforting personal vignettes, and an in-depth, step-by-step guide to overcoming stubborn resistances, presented in an assuring, mentoring voice, make Wings Of God’s Love a wonderful companion for the woman who feels trapped — and woefully alone — in her painful Inner Universe. 

“A psychology kissed by the Divine. The book is truly beautiful. A work of art …. Not only will this book help women, it will be treasured by them.” Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

“An inspirational message for those in need and those in pain. A book that taps profound resources of our being waiting to be tapped.” Dr. Michael Eigen


The Crazy Making Husband: A Wife’s Guide

A comprehensive study of The Crazy Making Husband. In-depth guidance to accompany The Crazy-Making Husband Radio Show at Martha Trowbridge Radio LLC. Publication: Spring 2019.


The Wisdom Of Madness: Inspiration For Agonized Women

For the woman who suffers overwhelming mental and emotional pain, a refreshing look at the customized wisdom her ‘madness’ brings, with guidance on how to use this wisdom to create and sustain a sacred, lovely future.


Crafting Inner Treasures

Creativity brings delight to our Spirit. When used to soundly reconstruct your wounded Inner Universe, creativity’s effects are absolutely awesome. This uplifting book explores how creativity can create valuable Inner Treasures for any woman, especially for a woman who suffers emotional and/or mental agonies. 


The Trauma Of Togetherness: Inspiration For Women Who Suffer Relational Abuse And Violence

Nothing devastates a woman’s Spirit like relational pain. Violence at the hands of a loved man not only evokes unspeakable agony, it activates profound primitive inner pain. A clear and compelling look at relational rage, ptsd, and re-traumatization, with sound inspirational guidance for every woman who wishes to heal and reconstruct her Sacred Inner Universe.