Wives At Risk

Upcoming series on domestic violence, honoring the life and loving spirit of Ellen McCarthy Abruzzese.

Jim McCarthy on his sister Ellen’s domestic violence murder:



Wives At Risk will be a monthly series on domestic violence, with three aims:

1. To validate and strengthen women who suffer emotional, mental, verbal, financial, spiritual and/or physical abuse by their husbands

2. To instruct family, friends, law enforcement professionals, judicial constituencies, ministers, counselors, neighbors, co-workers and others about the dynamics of domestic abuse, and equip them to recognize signs that a woman suffers domestic abuse

3. Above all, to issue an urgent call to MEN — to resoundingly speak out against fellow men who abuse their wives, and to offer their support to women who suffer from domestic abuse.

Martha Trowbridge Radio, LLC and Jim McCarthy of Hugs Unlimited Foundation Reach Out To Battered Wives

On 20 April 2009, as her children ate the breakfast she’d just prepared downstairs, Ellen McCarthy Abruzzese was murdered by her husband of more than twenty years. [He then turned the gun on himself.] Her brother, Life Coach Jim McCarthy, immediately founded Hugs Unlimited Foundation to help prevent what happened to Ellen from happening to other battered wives.

Join Martha Trowbridge, Jim McCarthy, Guest Experts and ‘Sane Men’ as they offer validation, information, inspiration and empathy to women whose intimate male partners wreak violence against them, their children, their pets, and/or their property.

Attention will be paid to emotional, mental, verbal, financial and spiritual abuse, as well as to physical abuse.

Show I:    Wives At Risk: The Ellen McCarthy Abruzzese Story

Show II:   Marriage Gone Awry: When The Sacred Is Profaned

Show III:  The Abuser’s Arsenal: Brainwashing + Intimidation + Emotional, Mental And/Or Physical Violence = His Coercive Takeover Of Her Inner World

Please note that the agenda for subsequent shows is in development. Sponsorship opportunities are available.